Well established within the industrial flooring industry, Roni’s Industrial Flooring & Remedial Services Pty Ltd specialises in all facets of Resin Based flooring application systems. From project recommendations to installation, we can tailor a flooring system to meet your requirements.

Roni’s Industrial Flooring & Remedial Services Pty Ltd incorporates four key Resin Based flooring systems, including:-

Epoxy flooring
Methyl-methacrylate flooring (MMA)
Polyurethane flooring
Polyester flooring

Epoxy Flooring
Most commonly used in the industrial flooring market, Epoxy floors are made up of a 2 part epoxy based resin, and when blended with various additives such as aggregates, pigments or oxides, can provide a wide variety of finished surfaces such as Anti-slip safety flooring, Concrete protection coatings & various appealing architectural finishes.
Methyl-Methacrylate (MMA) Flooring
A Rapid Installation system with similar appearance and performance to Epoxy systems, Most commonly used in Retail environments, where loss of downtime = loss of profit. These systems can be applied overnight, whilst premises are closed for trading, and can be used for standard business trade after 1 hour of floor completion.
Polyurethane Flooring
An odourless, trowel grade flooring system comprising of a Polyurethane/Cement combination, typically used in areas demanding a combination of high chemical, mechanical & thermal resistance. This system has an average thermal resistance between -20° celcius to +120° celcius, making it the ideal system for food processing facilities, coolrooms & freezers.
Polyester Flooring
Another Rapid installation product, with excellent resistance to strong dilutions of chemicals, constant UV exposure, and excellent strength properties. Polyester flooring screeds have been tested to reach a maximum compressive strength of up to 110mPA, perfect for areas subject to extreme punishment and heavy traffic. A “Vinylester” version is also available, for areas requiring much higher resistance to chemicals, fats and oils.

Epoxy flooring, polyester flooring, polyurethane flooring and methyl-methacrylate flooring (MMA) may be applied to a floor using five separate techniques, including:

Self Levelling Applications
Self Levelling Epoxy Flooring is applied to floor areas that demand exceptional performance, high levels of hygiene and decorative appearance, such as clean room floors, bakeries, dairies, food processing areas, pharmaceutical production areas, car showrooms and workshops.

Applications are placed in thicknesses of 2mm to 5mm and will provide you with a very hard and strong, smooth, high gloss floor.

Self Levelling is applied to a substrate in a fair-to-good condition, but certainly not a rough surface. If the surface is rough, some patching would be required prior to application.
Trowel-Down (aka Trowelling) Applications
Typically applied between 4-6mm thick depending on the surface strength requirements, and is finished with an anti-slip texture, to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in workplaces. The texture can be varied between smooth for easy cleaning and maintenance, to coarse, which is ideal for constant wet areas and where a higher degree of safety is necessary.
Epoxy resin is blended with coarse aggregates to build up floors and create graded falls, to achieve correct waterflow to drainage points. Most typically used in wet process and Food Production areas. Flat surfaces generally create puddles from wet processing or whilst floors are being washed down, becoming both a workplace health and safety issue.
Patching and Repair
Resins can be blended with a variety of aggregates to create a high strength patching mortar. Normally used as an expansion jointing repair mortar due to it’s high strength, or for leveling damaged concrete subjected to constant heavy traffic.

Each technique gives a slightly different surface finish.


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