The effectiveness of Resin Based flooring systems, including epoxy flooring, methyl-methacrylate (MMA) flooring, polyurethane flooring, and polyester flooring provides a wide variety of industries resistant, durable and trustworthy solutions for floor protection and maintenance.

Roni’s Industrial Flooring & Remedial Services Pty Ltd incorporates a variety of specialised flooring systems in our everyday business activities to meet the demands of diversifying markets.

With stringent guidelines set by the Construction Project Manufacturers and the Regulatory Authories, Roni’s Industrial Flooring & Remedial Services Pty Ltd ensures the flooring product quality and workmanship is only of the highest standand.

Roni’s Industrial Flooring & Remedial Services Pty Ltd incorporates four key Resin Based flooring systems, including:-

Epoxy flooring
Methyl-methacrylate flooring (MMA)
Polyurethane flooring
Polyester flooring

These Resin Based flooring systems have a wide variety of important characteristics that are required in a variety of modern work environments.

The key characteristics include:-

Anti-slip surfaces
For the safety of pedestrians and employees, against OH&S issues, such as slips, trips and falls

High impact and traffic resistance
Protection against damage caused by the constant use of heavy industrial traffic, such as forklifts, or equipment and items that constantly fall to the surface

Overnight/Rapid application
For busy work environments that cannot afford to shut down. The floors can be installed within hours and can be used after 1 hour of installation. This will ensure that your business can trade as per usual, eliminating important cost factors, such as

loss of production

Resistance to acids, chemicals, fats, oils, etc
Where the business activities of industrial and commercial work environments expose concrete surfaces to immense damage by corrosion, often resulting in major health and safety issues

Resistance to extreme temperatures
For areas that are subject to extreme service conditions, such as high temperature washdowns and steam cleaning in low temperature environments, such as coolrooms and freezers

Ultra Violet (UV) resistance
Products can be applied both indoors and outdoors without being damaged by the effects of exposure to Australia’s harsh Ultra Violet (UV) sun

Aesthetics: creating an appealing work environment
Various colours and textures can be incorporated to improve poor workspace conditions, such as lack of natural lighting, employee stress and physical strain, caused by unlevelled or slippery surfaces.

These key product characteristics, along with many others, can be combined to best suit the intended work environment.

Typical flooring system applications include:-

Dry Process Areas


pharmaceutical industries
power stations
plastics industry
airport hangars
paper and pulp mills


Wet Process Areas


beverage industries
bottling plants
dairies and bakeries
food processing industries


Cold Store Areas


beverage industries
meat processing plants
food processing industries
cold rooms


Bund Areas


power stations
chemical industries
production facilities


Storage Warehouse


loading bays and ramps


Our product manufacturers include:-

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