What are Resin Based Flooring Systems?
Specially designed surfaces made up of polymer components and aggregates, which when chemically cured with a hardening agent, form the various types of systems such as Epoxy, MMA, Polyester & Polyurethane.

Can these systems be applied on different surfaces?
The answer is yes! The various systems can be applied to a variety of substrates such as Concrete, Stone, Masonry, CFC & Timber.

What Preparation is required prior to applying these Flooring Systems?
In almost all cases, the existing surface will require a Mechanical form of floor preparation. This includes methods such as Diamond Grinding, Scabbling & shotblasting, where the surface is abraded to expose a clean, uncontaminated substrate. For oily and dirty surfaces, Degreasing and/or Acid washing may be required. Where damp surfaces are in the question, gas heating or torch drying is preferred to reduce the moisture content in the surface - important for the successful application of resin based floors.

Do these Flooring Systems meet specific Legislative Requirements
applicable to our work environment?

The various systems have been designed to meet or exceed current Legislative Guidelines, which are required for specific workplaces. These may be guidelines set by Australian Standards, or other authorities such as Workcover & Foodsafe. These requirements are generally found in Food & Beverage industries, where key aspects such as the degree of anti-slip, and strict hygiene management are mandatory for the legal operation of facilities.

What kind of Warranty Structure is offered?
After the installation of a flooring system, we provide 2 types of warranties:

Application Warranty - Which warrants for any defects arising from faulty application or poor workmanship; and
Product Warranty – Which our product manufacturer warrants for any defects arising from the manufacture or supply of poor or faulty products.

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